Have you ever needed to schedule an item of data that Revit would not let you? This is a common hurdle for many and now there's a free tool that you can use to get around this. Common uses...

We are all aware that Revit can export families to a library, but the control that you get is less than sufficient for large models. This exporter will organize your families into subdirectories...

In this video, we cover the Spring Force within Kangaroo in a simple case.

In this video, we give an introduction to the paneling tools within the LunchBox plugin for Grasshopper.

In this video, we give an introduction of Kangaroo, a plugin for Grasshopper developed by Daniel Piker. Kangaroo can be downloaded at www.food4rhino.com/project/kangaroo.

In this video, the Baking component in the LunchBox plugin is deomonstrated. The Baking component allows you to Bake geometry out of Grasshopper with attributes such as Object Name, Object Color,...

In this video, an introduction is given to the free CASE monthly add-in. The Import openNURBS add-in allows you to open a Rhino file (.3dm) directly in Revit! Get it HERE!  

This video demonstrates how to set up a linking structure between separate Grasshopper definitions using the Rhino Pack and Unpack components in Slingshot!

In this video, Nathan Miller, Director of Computational Design at CASE, gives an introduction to scripting with Python in Vasari and shares some examples from his website, The Proving Groud.