Software - TopMod 2.223 - Modeling with Python

TopMod 2.223 is out and seems to be a pretty cool program. Here is some information for you all to check it out.TopMod seems to be a pretty cool program. Below is the text from their site as well as a link to check it out. Yet another new version of TopMod available on the Google Code Repository. Here is a brief summary of the new features/changes:

  • Python version available (requires Python 2.5)
  • The program should remember where your script editor window was last placed each time you close TopMod
  • Fixed some translation issues
  • Added a “twist” factor to do sabin extrusion
  • Added more decimal precision to all tool options that might require more accuracy (floating point values)
  • Consolidated some file menu options into an “export” submenu
  • Other minor changes I can’t seem to remember off the top of my head