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Software :Geomagic Studio


Industries : Aerospace, Art & Science, Automotive, Consumer Products, Dental Reconstruction, Medical, MRO, Turbine

Primary use : Mesh Repair, Mesh Conversion, 3d Scan rationalization

Product Description: With Geomagic Studio, you can digitally reconstruct an infinite variety of complex real world shapes more quickly and easily than ever before. Using 3D scan data of these objects, you'll be able to create accurate models that capture either the design intent or the as-built part. From product design, re-engineering of parts and mass customization to engineering analysis, rapid prototyping and digital archiving, Geomagic Studio opens up a new world of possibilities by bringing your physical parts into the digital realm. Certified by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), Geomagic Studio is powered by patented technology and algorithms that produce high quality surfaces, accurate geometry, color and textures.