Rhino Grasshopper - Patterning with 2 Attractor Points

Main Topics
    Distance Component
    MIN Component
    Using 2 attractors

In this Rhino / Grasshopper video tutorial we expand on a previous video from the site, Rhino - Patterning Based on Point Distance with Grasshopper. The idea is to use 2 points rather than one.  The logic is borrowed from Andy Payne on a 3ds Max model with wire parameters. Basically the idea is to drive the radius of the circles with the distance between the point(s). The circles then use the MIN component and a "range" factor to limit how big the circles can get as well as the area of influence of each point.  I'm not proposing this is the most elegant solution but it got the job done ;).  Please feel free to post alternative solutions in the forum.  Here is the thread for this post with the source files.