Rhino - Autocad - Revit - Linking Complex Form to Drive Massing

Main Topics
    Exporting from Rhino
    Import .sat to Autocad
    Importing geometry for Massing in Revit
    Creating floors from a Massing in Revit
    Simple Massing schedule
    Creating walls from a Mass
    Updating the Mass by re-importing geometry


This Revit Architecture 2009 video tutorial covers how to import geometry from Rhino via Autocad.  Really this technique will work for any program that can output a .sat.  Even if the program cannot, Rhino imports many formats (such as .step or .iges) which you can then export as a .sat for AutoCAD.  The basic logic in this tutorial is to create a tower which has geometry too complex to build in Revit. We then pass it through AutoCAD to export a closed solid .dwg with layers.  As of now Rhino only exports .dwg files as meshes (which do not work very well for massing objects) . We then run a few simple Massing operations such as scheduling, creating floors, and creating walls.  Lastly, we create a new mass from Rhino and re-import the geometry to have all our schedules update. Here is a link to the source files on the forum.