3ds Max - Autodesk University Design Slam and How I Built the Bridge

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So..... I was invited to participate in the first ever AU Design Slam competition. And...... I won :) I went up against 2 incredibly talented designers Mark Foster Gage and James O'Toole of Burt Hill Architects.  They were a lot of fun to work with.  The competition, in general, had me pretty up-tight.  When I first sat down, my hands were shaking so much I could barely click the right buttons! That quickly went away though. The competition was put on and organized by Cut&Paste. They did an incredible job with the 3 competitions they held at AU. I was invited to model in 3ds Max. Mark was using Maya and James was using the 3d sketching tools in Alias Studio (Which were awesome). 


The brief was to design and 3d model a housing complex in a future New York City affected by global warming (in 20 minutes).  I chose to flood the city and a build a housing complex on the Brooklyn Bridge.  We were given the brief a couple of weeks prior and had a few meeting to discuss the premise.   There is a better description of the project here on our CASE site. The day after was my Parametric Design Modeling class.  I had it fairly planned out but since this was so current I decided to scrap the plan and show everyone how I modeled the bridge.  Since then I have made a video to share on DesignReform.  I may remake it but I wanted to get something up for those that were pissed that I didn't have a handout for my class ;) and for all regular site readers too! Final Model: bridge-model