Revit - Solar Radiation Technology Preview (2/2)

Main Topics
    Loading Weather Data and Setting Date/Time Ranges
    Specifying Geometry to Ignore
    Running Solar Radiation Calculations
    Understanding Results
    Publishing To Project

This is the second video tutorial in a series exploring the integration of geometry creation and solar radiation analysis in a variety of platforms. The video utilizes the new Solar Radiation Technology Preview, available from Autodesk LABS. You must install Update 1 for Revit Architecture 2010 and Revit MEP 2010 in order to run the technology preview. This tutorial is based on a student project by Nash Hurley. In the first part we will show how masses created in the conceptual mass environment can be brought into a Revit project, where their location and orientation can be set. In the second part we will use the solar radiation preview to load weather data and set date and time ranges to analyze our geometry. We will then make changes to the date and time in order to understand the effects of changing these ranges on our analysis results. Finally, we will produce an image that will then be published to the project environment. If you use the tool, please give feedback.