Useful blogs and resources discovered while researching Revit related issues over the past six months.

Software: Autodesk Revit 2010

Through Revit consulting in architectural offices located throughout New York City, I have located several blogs which have offered practical resources and solutions. If you have any other recommendations for useful resources, please post a comment.

  • Description: This is Zach Kron's site. While teaching a BIM course at Columbia this past semester, several students used Zach's site as a resource for complex modeling in Revit. Highly recommended. 
  • Description: This is David Light's blog. He works for HOK in London. Along with his informative Revit posts, he also adds commentary to keep it entertaining.
  • Description: Dave Baldacchino out of Houston runs this blog. General Revit interface issues are often discussed and have proved useful during BIM imlementation at various offices. 
  • Description: Great resource for resolving issues and maximizing workflows.
  • Description: Site offers useful explanations of standard Revit issues. Shaun consults in Revit as well and brings to the table various problems and solutions he has encountered.
  •  (aka: Description: This is Greg Arkin's blog. This site is regularly updated and will keep you up to day on all things BIM. It is thorough and offers extensive tips and solutions regarding a variety of Revit topics.
  • Description: Maintained by a practicing architect but hasn't been updated in a while. Offers useful info for beginners and practitioners.
  • Description: This is Steve Stafford's blog. He is a contributor on a few blogs and you will often see him commenting on various revit related blogs. He offers extensive explanations into a variety of Revit issues and workflows.
  • Description: This site offers complex solutions to complex issues. Numerous useful tricks are available and it is maintained fairly regularly.
  • - [French] Description: Although the site hasn't been updated in quite a while, there are useful explanations of general Revit utilities, specifically of use when training in French.  I found it useful but then again, I speak French. 
  • Description: Craig Barbieri runs this blog. I have used this for specific customization methods. He goes behond the general issues. I particularly found his explanation of custom fill patterns useful. 
  • Description: This site acts somewhat of a supplement to the help menu in Revit. It contains useful links regarding various specific topics. 
  • Description: This is a nice resource for Custom Revit families available for download.