Here we go..... Check out WHObyYOU - Local, Social Search

Hi All!

So... I post this with my nerves a little on edge :) We (CASE) want to invite you all to test out WHObyYOU (  WHObyYOU is a local, social search site that we have been working on for over a year now.  The basic idea is that a few recommendations from your friends or experts are way more valuable than a bunch from strangers.  It's been a public site for a bit, but now we really need users and recommendations. That's where YOU come in,  if you have an extra 5 minutes, please test it out and recommend your favorite services.  You can add a great fabricator, consultant, re-seller, 3d printing service or even a great place to get coffee.  Right now our database has business from New York, New Jersey and Miami, that's because we have to pay to get those and we only have so much money :). That being said you can recommend a business anywhere. Here is a video I put together trying to explain how it works:

You can sign up at or if you use Facebook just sign up with your facebook account. If You want to list your business and get recommended you can do that too. If you only have 1 minute than maybe you can recommend CASE  here :) Last thing,  you ARE going to encounter bugs if you test it out, please use the feedback button on the right or just email me directly at

Thanks in advance to anyone that tries it out! Dave (follow my recommendations here )


p.s. please pardon the typos, those are totally my fault, as anyone that reads designreform should expect ;)