Revit - Pattern Based Curtain Panel Family

Main Topics
    Pattern Based Curtain Panel Families
    Divided Surfaces
    Conceptual Massing Environment
    Reference Points
    3d snapping

In this Revit Architecture 2010 Training video we're going to take a look at the pattern based curtain panel family.  I learned this technique on Zack Krons's blog, buildz, this post in particular.  The basic premise is to create reference points on each point within the panel so the outside edge of the panel projects perpendicular to the normal of the host surface.

Disclaimer: This video is a section of my class Rethinking BIM at Columbia's GSAPP so the sound is a bit different and you might hear me address students a few times :)



Here is Zach's Video (mine is not very different, I was showings students and am posting the video for them):