Rhino Grasshopper - External Solar Shade

Main Topics
    Data tress
    Explode Curve
    Split Curves

In this Grasshopper video tutorial we are going to build an external solar shade.  I did it as a response to the challenge on DesignByMany. Here is my disclaimer: this video is not as concise as some of the other videos on the site :).  I intentionally did not build the model in advance so you could see the process of figuring out what components to use and when.  If there are quiet moments just fast forward, I'm thinking... :)  (that's the great thing about video). To build the model we start with 2 curves  to abstract the frame of a typical curtain wall system. Then we get a single fold working. After that it gets a bit more complex when we feed in multiple curves as the input.  I try my best too explain how that is being handled through data trees. I hope to build another version of this where I triangulate the surfaces and add openings. All the file can be found on the project page on DesignByMany here: http://designbymany.com/content/accordion-shade-not-eligible-win


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