Happy Holidays! Here is Gift from CASE - A Revit Checkers Game!

So… As I was discussing with Don (@AYBABTM) his crazy Revit API Pin Ball Machine (stay tuned) it occurred to me that with worksharing I could make a checkers game in Revit! Don said “I can make it 2 players with worksharing” so that got me thinking… Anyways, channeling David Light and half a flight to Miami later and I have a working checkers game in Revit.

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Zach Kron is rocking out a chess set!!!!!!!!! I love that guy! ->!/ZachKron/status/150237215094607872/photo/1

Here is how it works

1. Enable Worksets

2. Make a local for each player

3. Player 1 makes a move

4. Sync with central

5. Player 2 makes move

6. Sync with central

7. Repeat 3-6 till you have a winner!

Download the latest version below (right click and "save as"):

20111222 (original file)


  • Added a "King Me" instance parameter to the game piece


  • Fixed the view names
  • Added rotated plan views since you can move the pieces in the camera views :(


It has 2 views in it like the image above. 1 for player 1 and 1 for player 2.  I think you’ll need some sort of chat client to play across an office but it should keep you entertained while you sync a 400 mb model smiley . Over the break I’ll try and make a starter kit for a chess set. (I’m counting on David Light to make a Starwars set of Pieces).


Anyways, Happy Holidays and thanks so much for supporting CASE and DesignReform. Stay tuned for lots to come in 2012!


Dave and the team at CASE