Grasshopper ACADIA Workshop

joshua_vermillion This past week I had the great pleasure of teaching a 2-day workshop on McNeel's Grasshopper for Rhino at ACADIA 2008 (Thank you Andrew & Neri for the invite) . I had a really great time meeting everyone as well as seeing how we could push Grasshopper further and do some great things. Please read on to see some of the work produced, as well as get the source files used throughout the workshop. andrew_lucia The work shop was broken into 2 days. The first day we covered the basics of the program and visual scripting. We did this mainly though follow along examples and then some individual exploration.  The second day we focused on building a tower for the first half of the day then everyone built their own projects. Some decided to build upon the tower and others start entirely from scratch. Here are the sources file for Day 1 - (Includes files from David Rutten & The McNeel Site) Here are the sources file for Day 2 - (Includes files from David Rutten & The McNeel Site) Here are our notes for the workshop (Warning these are not filtered, a bit rough ;) ) - We did not stick too closely to them either carl-gauley_new Please feel free to modify or use any of the posted material.  If you have suggestions or new ideas, please post them. These are meant to be live documents.  In the coming weeks I will have a wiki up and running for these types of projects. (Any volunteers to help?!?! I'm building it in Drupal :)  ) For now, feel free to post on the forum thread,866.0.html