The Bevel modifier extrudes shapes into 3D objects and applies a flat or round bevel to the edges. A common use for this modifier is to create 3D text and logos, but you can apply it to any shape....

This Tutorial covers how to turn your mesh into Hexagon poly's. This is a technique I learned from Toru Hasegawa while we were in school together at the GSAPP. You essentially triangulate a quad...

This Tutorial covers how to make a parametric panel with splines which later have parameters tapering and radius. The opening in the panel is then constrained to a max sun system.

In this tutorial we cover how to use a look at constraint. This could be done more rigorously with expression but to quickly test an effect I think it is a great technique.

This Tutorial covers how to use proxy objects to keep an active selection set.

Using the wire parameters to create a scaling circular pattern based on the distance of the circle to a point object.

Using the Morpher modifier to create a bi-directional blend between two conditions. In this case we build a modular panel system in which one can quickly test different patterns.

Using the displacement modifier in 3ds Max we are able to use either image data or procedural texture maps to drive geometry in a design model.

This tutorial covers making a simple parametric chair with using editable poly modifier and wire parameters.

Using modifiers such as Cross Section, Skin, Shell and Spline IK we build a spline based systen that uses reference geometry to build parametric relationships.

Using modifiers like features in a parametric modeling software. The idea is to use parameters to store design intent and avoid having to remodel geometry.

This Tutorial covers how to unwrap or unfold geometry. This techniques is used more for texture mapping but in this tutorial we the unfolded geometry back to the view port to use for building...

This Tutorial covers how to implement the mesh relaxation modifier.