Design a Bus Shelter

DesignByMany has posted another Sponsored Challenge. This challenge is to design a Bus Shelter! If you are interested in demonstrating your mad Revit or RevitLT skills, check out the competition! To follow the challenge and read the full challenge breif go here.


The challenge is to design a modular bus shelter for an urban pedestrian street. The goal is to provide an architectural solution that is functional, feasible, repeatable, and elegant. The bus shelter must protect people from the elements (rain, sun), while providing ample security, circulation and seating. The designer is free to choose a location, but the documentation should clearly explain the chosen location and how the design responds to its immediate context. The bus shelter must include a signage element for orientation and advertisement.


  1. Protect pedestrians from the elements (rain, sun).
  2. Artificial lighting should be integrated into design
  3. Develop a design strategy that can adapt to various site conditions.
  4. Design should functional, feasible and elegant.
  5. Design should provide an area for signage.
  6. Have fun!