CASE Releases Innovative Suite of Building Tools

NEW YORK, New York - April 1, 2014 - After extensive research and user-testing, CASE is pleased to release the CASE Building Suite, a collection of building tools aimed for the AECO industry. Known for developing CASE Apps, the release of these customizable tools are poised to revolutionize the way the building industry manages building information.
“Whether it’s about rethinking the tools we use or finding new and innovative ways to advance the building process, we believe in exploring every possibility out there,” said partner David Fano. “Today’s tools just don’t cut it. The CASE Building Suite fills the void that the building process has been missing. There’s something for everyone and we’re confident that architects, engineers, contractors and building owners will adopt these tools with such ease that it’ll wipe away any fears about adoptability.”
Simple, tactile and user-friendly, the Building Suite increases productivity and efficiency while reducing the costs of software updates and hardware upgrades. CASE is passionate about developing the latest technologies and methods to help the building industry make better informed decisions and build better built environments. The Building Suite takes us another step closer to achieving that. To learn more about the CASE Building Suite, please visit the Building Suite website.